Spa center

Lavender Inn spa is a modern and relaxing place for our guests to relax in. This state-of-the-art spa center features incredible architecture, characterized by long colonnades and arched ceilings. A stunning view through the window will keep you enthralled.

"Lavender Inn" SPA zona
"Lavender Inn" SPA sauna

Relax for a few moments in a multifunctional lime-wood (also known as linden wood) sauna. The light tones of music, the sweet scent of Lithuanian linden tree flowers, and natural essential oils will send you into a state of deep relaxation.

Since ancient times the healing power of natural scents has been acknowledged. Aromatherapy has been popular for centuries. Aromatherapy harnesses the healing powers of flowers and plants and centers on the belief that scents can strongly affect the well-being of people. Aromatherapy rituals in our spa help revive the skin, increase mood and release tension.

"Lavender Inn" SPA zona
"Lavender Inn" SPA zona

Our cosy (nine square meters) swimming pool with counter current will enhance your strength, endurance and physical fitness. A counter current also functions as a massage and rehabilitating muscle trainer. It is also equipped with a modern water filtration system.

We provide lavender and other natural herbal teas for everyone.

Learn more about the magical powers of lavender flowers (oils) here.

"Lavender Inn" SPA zona

Our friendly staff will be very happy help make arrangements during your visit to the Lavender Inn.

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