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An innovative, comfortable and newly built guesthouse, Lavender Inn is situated on the picturesque coast of Lake Viesvenai, only 7 km from the center of Telsiai. The sensational smell of fresh lavender creates an enchanting environment for those who are eager to experience an oasis of natural beauty. Indulge yourself in peaceful and natural tranquillity.

Lavender Inn is more than just a place to rest your head. We offer so much more. The sensation, scents, emotions, history, and magical play of colours combine to provide an unforgettable experience. Each room in the hotel is adorned with individualised décor, which reflects elegance, comfort and a unique style.

For your convenience, we invite you to select from 7-different sized rooms with unique layouts. Our visitors always enjoy the convenience of being served by a highly qualified team of specialists who are on hand to ensure your stay is wonderful.


Lavender Inn occupies a large area, which includes complimentary parking, a stunning well-kept garden with cobblestone walking paths, benches, gazebos and outdoor terraces, where our guests can enjoy not only the beautiful scenery, but also a cup of natural and relaxing lavender tea.

Children will enjoy spending time together and will cherish the unforgettable experience of the outdoor entertainment areas. These are unique places, equipped with underground tunnels and a variety of houses.

"Lavender Inn" Poilsis prie vandens tvenkinio
"Lavender Inn" SPA zona

SPA center

The on-site eco-friendly spa and wellness facilities offer a wide range of treatments that will help you rejuvenate your physical and mental health. Guests can enjoy a modern sauna (dry or wet), as well as a cosy private swimming pool with a counter current that enhances your strength, endurance and physical fitness. A counter current also functions as a massage and rehabilitating muscle trainer.

The spa area is tailored for comfortable relaxation, with windows overlooking the nearby lake. Calm and relaxing music and the scent of natural oils provide an oasis of sheer tranquillity and relaxation.


Lavender Inn offers a full range of active leisure activities to ensure you make good use of all your time. All our guests are very fond of swimming in the lake and taking boat trips on original wooden vessels, made by local designers. This is a trip not to be missed, and the impressive views will remain forever etched in your memory.

We increasingly maintain sustainability programs as a regular feature of our business. We are advocating for sustainable transportation infrastructure in our region. For this reason, we promote cycling and equip our guests with bicycles. Our guesthouse is an ideal starting point for rides along a huge variety of cycling paths. Enjoy the variety of authentic nearby villages and the capital city of Samogitia (Žemaitija) Telšiai. If you enjoy basketball or tennis, we also have something to offer.

"Lavender Inn"

If you look for success…

A two- meter high brass grasshopper, the work of a famous Lithuanian sculptor Algirdas Bosas, takes pride of place in our garden.
If you touch it, you will lighten up your life with positive energy and faith and will feel that anything in life is possible.

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