This room directly reflects the Lavender Inn‘s spirit. The beautiful Provence flowers with their royal purple colours dominate the design of the room, giving it a special sense of luxury.

"Lavender Inn" Lavender apartamentai
Lavender Inn" Birch svečių kambarys su vaizdu į beržų liniją


This is the only room overlooking the nearby Lithuanian birch trees. Living and operating in such a beautiful region as Telsiai, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to preserve our natural environment, including birch trees that have been growing here for a couple of decades. Every day we strive to operate in a more sustainable way to bring you the maximum in comfort. We invite you to experience the soft touch of birch trees through your bedroom window.


Perfume is an integral part of modern life. The historical background of perfumes is surrounded by secrets, beauty rituals, and ancient medical practices. The inspiration for the interior design of this room came from ancient times when the perfume business used only natural ingredients such as resins, scented oils, spices, and herbs.

"Lavender Inn" Perfume svečių kambarys
"Lavender Inn" Piet Mondrian įkvėpto dizaino svečių kambarys

P. Mondrian

We took our inspiration from Piet Mondrian – a truly visionary 20-th century Dutch architect, writer and designer who believed that art should reflect the underlying spirituality of nature. Mondrian‘s modern art conveys the trends of Cubism, Luminism or Impressionism that clearly advocate pure abstractionism. The artist uses basic forms, such as lines and rectangles and main colours to convey, according to his words “the essence of the mystical energy in the balance of forces that governed nature and the universe”.


When time is fleeting, stop for a moment and appreciate the adorable fragrance of spring, the scent of flowers and the sunbeams in your room. It is as unusual as it is beautiful. The unique atmosphere of this room is created by floral patterned wallpapers, a vase of fresh flowers, and fields of lavenders, blushing in tufts all over around.

"Lavender Inn" Bloom svečių kambarys
"Lavender Inn" Erdvus kamabarys su vaizdu į ežerą


This Lavender Inn apartment is one of the most attractive rooms as it features a spacious floor area and large windows that allow light to stream into the room. Guests can admire the blue sky, ever- green pine trees and eye-catching clear lake water.

Fling apartment

Fling apartment is set on two levels and features an individual design. This room is designed for guests who want to celebrate a private occasion, or for couples in love who are looking for a romantic date, intimacy and new experiences.

"Lavender Inn" Fling apartamentai
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