The grasshopper story

Do you know that the grasshopper can jump over 20 times its own height? If we were able to copy them we could jump as high as a basketball court.

The grasshopper never sees obstacles – he simply jumps over them. A person can do the same.

Lavender Inn svečių namai Telšiuose
Lavender Inn svečių namai Telšiuose

In the middle of the Lavender Inn garden, there is a huge brass grasshopper – the Inspirer.

Everyone who has touched it, will glow with positive energy and will feel that anything in this life is possible.

Let this grasshopper remind everyone:

 Go forward and never stop.

  If you come across a barrier, jump over it.

   But if you jump and bump into a wall, turn the wall into a door.

    Nothing is impossible!

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